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Beer blew up into the airlock. What's next?

So it happened again. The beer blew out the airlock leaving a water and beer mix behind. The airlock still bubbles as per usual. Now I'm wondering what I should do next. Leave it as is Replace the ...
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Fermenter overflow into blowoff tube

I just started my first batch of homebrew using a kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop, and 15 hours in, I seem to have a problem: The fermentation seems to be very vigorous and I have this foam/gunk/residue ...
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Krausen: Blow off tube or Larger Headspace?

Krausen: to blow-off or not to blow-off? With a large krausen (foamy head) in a fermentation vessel (FV), often the best remedy is to use a blow-off tube into a bottle of sanitizer. Question: Would ...
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Non-plastic siphon tube

I know that some people say that PVC is fine for racking tubes, but I have someone who is looking for an alternative--HDPE or PP would be acceptable but not preferred. Since PVC is the only type of ...
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How to avoid blowoff on a 1 gallon jug?

I'm experimenting with 1 gallon batches, and every single time I had a blowoff. So for the batch I brewed today I just put a bucket of sanitized water and a blowoff tube to start with since I know ...
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How long to keep in blowoff tube?

Today I learned what happens if there's too much yeast and a container too small (I have a 1 gallon batch). So according to instructions I sanitized a hose and connected the hole in the fermentor and ...
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8 votes
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How to clean the inside of a blowoff hose

I soaked my blowoff hose in PBW for an hour or so, then rinsed and let dry. There is still light amounts of residue visible. The only brush I own is a carboy brush which I don't think will fit through,...
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What is/causes a solvent-like aroma from airlock

This happens on a good number of my brews, but if I stick my nose right up to the airlock, or into the ale pail with the lid off (don't do this often), I get an intense solvent-like smell, like to the ...
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Beer Lost Through Blow Off Tube

I set up my Blow tube as I have done other times before, (the same as pictured in this post What is a proper blow-off tube setup?) This time though when I checked it after after about 24 hours the ...
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What is a proper blow-off tube setup?

36 hours ago I brewed a BIG red ale and pitched some kick-ass WLP001. The picture on the left is what I had late last night (24 hr in). Made me a little nervous. And this morning the krausen had ...
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