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Barb adapter with EVA Barrier Hose

I recently purchased EVA Barrier Beer Line and DuoTight disconnects. But the problem arises when I am trying to do the closed transfer from my fermenter as it's tap is not compatible with the EVA ...
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Kettle souring with lactobacillus - hot plate?

Researching a Berliner weisse and have decided that I will be doing a kettle sour. Lactobacillus likes to be around 45°C from what I have read so far. Currently my thinking is to transfer the kettle ...
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What is the normal attenuation for sour wort (specifically Berliner Weisse)?

I brewed a kettle-soured Berliner Weisse with an OG of 1.034. After two weeks fermenting at around 70 (raised to 72 at the end) with a packet of Safale US-05, it got down to 1.014, apparent ...
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Berliner Weisse on Sierra Mist syrup?

I have a Berliner Weisse going, the yeast out-paced the lacto (WLP 630). fermentation happened quick (1.030 O.G.) maybe a day. Due to a busy schedule and lazyness it sat on the yeast for 6 weeks, and ...
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Berliner Weisse questions

I have a Berliner Weisse (1.035 O.G.) that has been fermenting on WLP630 (berliner weisse lacto blend) for about 5 days now. This is my first attempt at both a sour style beer and a starting gravity ...
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