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Brett, Pedio, Lacto. Reuse and kegging

I have 6 gallons of a bretted whit that has been sitting in the basement for 8 months and a Pedio/Lacto/Brett Dubbel that has been working for about 7 months. If I wanted to reuse these cultures ...
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3 answers

Three-finger head but tastes flat?

I recently brewed a Belgian Wit extract kit. Bottle conditioned with 5 oz of priming sugar. I'm pretty happy with the taste. With a medium speed pour into a Pilsner glass, the beer develops a ...
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3 answers

Wyeast 3944 Slow to Work

I wanted to see if anyone else had this experience - I'm on my second batch of a Wit bier with this yeast and have noticed that in both scenarios - after two weeks the Krausen has not fallen. The ...
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Belgian witbeer: Which fermentation temperature in comparison to a Bavarian Hefeweizen?

I have recently made a Bavarian Wheat that all my "co-drinkers" liked quite a lot. I have fermented that pretty cold (18C/64F), since I don't like these beers when they are overly estery and tasting ...
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Should I use finings when brewing a White/Weiss/Wheat beer?

My latest brew is a Belgian White beer - a Hoegaarden stile beer. I don't have the equipment to rack this beer so I intend to bottle it after about 3 weeks in the brew barrel. This style of beer is ...
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