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Besides sparge water, what other water do all-grain brewers add in (and why)?

I have done a few extract kit beers and now a few partial mashes. I am starting the process of ramping up to all-grain. In many online "brewing calculators", such as this mash water ...
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1 answer

Calculating Efficiency manually using metric system

Can someone please give me a hand calculating Mash Efficiency manually? I use mostly Gladfield malt along with some cara 'x's' and BeerSmith 3 but would like to calculate manually so I have a grasp ...
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Very light golden hazy beer with citrus flavour

It is my first home brew. The batch size was 10ltr. I used 100% wheat malt of 2 kgs and used bitter orange peel of 36gm instead of Hop. The OG was1.02 and FG is 1.01 after 14 days of fermentation ...
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Beersmith Safale T-58 attenuation

I've just measured the final gravity of a Belgian beer I've been brewing and it came out 4 points below the expected according to Beersmith: 1.022 rather than 1.018. It was 14 days in the fermenter. I ...
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Efficiency discrepancy

Last brew I calculated by brewhouse efficiency to be 63%. Not great, but I dialled this into BeerSmith and hoped my next brew would at least be predictable, even if I was not getting the most out of ...
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3 answers

Why is my wort dark?

I recently brewed a beer with 70% pilsner malt, 28% light munich malt, and 2% chocolate malt. I used RO water, a 1 hour rest at 156 deg, and fly sparged. I had no means to check PH. Beersmith ...
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How can this BeerSmith 2 gravity calculation be correct?

My beersmith brew sheet printout gives me some gravity numbers that I can't make head or tail of: How can the pre-boil gravity (when I haven't added 57% of the malt yet) be 1,084, while the post-boil ...
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8 votes
11 answers

Is there an online equivalent of Beer Smith?

Simple question, does anyone know if there is a purely web based equivalent of Beer Smith / Brew Target, etc? Just looking for a decent product that I don't have to install on my desktop.
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5 votes
2 answers

Using Burnt Caramel / Brewer's Caramel in Recipes

Has anyone worked with using either burnt caramel or brewer's caramel in their recipes? I have read a few places that Fuller's is known to use this to increase the SRM of some of their product line, ...
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