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Batch Management - How do you manage your batches for container volume?

So what do you feel is the best way to manage batch sizes? Personally make oversize batches and try to fit it in the largest carboy I have. For subsequent rackings, I will size the carboy down a size ...
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Accidently added One Step sanitizer to my brew batch! Am I good or will I die?

I made a batch of ginger beer and brewing it hard at 5 and a half gallons. The fault came when I accidentally added a half-gallon of water with One Step in it to the batch before fermenting. It was ...
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Doubling batch size by diluting wort in fermenter?

I would like to double the size of my batches from 5 gallons to 10 gallons without changing equipment. For example, let's say I have a 5 gallon recipe for an IPA. I know my mash cooler is big enough ...
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Do I need to completely fill my barrel?

I am flavoring my first beer in a new, 5 gallon oak barrel. This batch is a full 5 gallon batch, but is it ok to put smaller sizes in it? For example, can I put 2.5 gallons in without any harmful ...
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What is the approximate batch size/OG limit for US-05 11g packet? Have I used enough?

I've started a brew with an OG of 1.065 in a 23L batch. I pitched a rehydrated 11g pack of US-05 and after 5 days I took a FG reading when I observed no bubbles after some time; it came out at 1.028 - ...
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5 gallon batch in 16 gallon kettle?

I just ordered a Bayou brew kettle. I meant to order the 10 gallon, but accidentally ordered the 16 gallon (Only a $15 USD difference). I only have a couple all-grain/partial mash brew under my belt,...
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Can I make a 10g batch with a 16g kettle?

I'm planning an upgrade to my 5 gallon setup to do 10 gallon batches. In BeerSmith, I've created an equipment profile to estimate my pre-boil volume. Assuming 1 gallon evaporation per hour (I know ...
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Pot / kettle sizing

Apologies if this seems like a rather basic question, but I've been researching various sites and can't seem to get a decent answer. I've been homebrewing for about 2 years (infrequently), and I want ...
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What size keg to get for 23L brews?

I'm thinking about investing in a keg, etc. done some reading but still have a lot of questions. I currently bottle from brew cans which fill the fermenter to 23L and comes out to about 30x 750ml ...
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Fermenting in 5 gallon PET bottles

Rather than buying buckets or carboys, I would like to use 5 gallon PET water bottles that I can get free from work (I verified they are PET with the "1" on the bottom). However all my extract recipes ...
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What is 'Batch Size'?

I've seen the term 'batch size' applied to three different things: Volume of wort put into the fermenter Volume of finished beer that comes out of the fermenter Post-boil wort volume Is there an ...
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