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Thick vs thin mashes

To begin with, my understanding of a "thin" mash is a mash that is more watered down than it "ought" to be; and that a "thick" mash is one that is not diluted with enough ...
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Interpreting how diastatic power impacts the mash

I'm wondering if anybody is knowledgeable about grain/malt Diastatic Power, its scale and how to interpret its scale. I've seen a few references that essentially say: if DP >= 70 Lintners, there ...
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Could mechanical blending denature amylase enzymes?

I am trying to break down the starches in a certain variety of oats in the most efficient way possible. I have to break the whole oats down after cooking, so they are finer particles for the amylases (...
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How to do alpha-amylase conversion first and beta second?

I know the alpha-amylase enzyme works between 66-71°C (150-160°F) and beta-amylase between 55-66°C (130-150°F). But, beta uses the dextrins produced by the alpha enzyme activity. I want to produce a ...
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Amylaze Enzyme for conversion

I am experiencing a lag in conversion of sugars during fermentation. I have been told in the past that how well I crush grains or stick to the absolute temperature during mash can throw off my ...
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Does diastatic power reduce with age? Old grain

Anyone have definitive info if diastatic power is reduced with grain age? If so, any data to estimate current DP? Brewing with some pretty old 2-row today. It has been stored properly for 1.5 years, ...
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Lager than life pilsner

I was looking at a packet of "pilsner enzyme" (an amylase). I know what it does (chops up starch/maltodextrins to simpler sugars, I think...) but I wondered why it is called "Pilsner enzyme"? Why ...
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