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Is a Homebrew cider with a "Frito" aftertaste safe to drink?

Is it safe to drink a hard cider with a corn chip type aftertaste, my buddy made it and gave me some. When you take a sip it tastes great but then you taste a weird "Frito" taste like a corn chip. It'...
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A "Dusty" aftertaste in my beer

I have recently made a batch of pale ale malt and willamette SmaSh, I used a BIAB setup and "no chill"-ed it in a cube over night. I'm overall pleased with the final prodect, however it has a distinct ...
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Why does my wine taste salty?

I’ve been making regular batches of pomegranate wine. The latest batch fermented faster than usual due to ambient heat increase. However the result has a salty taste. What would be the cause of that ...
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Why every brew has a bitter malty aftertaste?

Every of 5 previous brews (lager, pilsner, pale ale, IPA) have had a somewhat bitter and malty aftertaste to them. It's not too off-putting (except the lager) but is clearly there, yet not present on ...
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Soapy aftertaste in wine, fermentation temperature?

I generally find my homebrew wine (just from a regular kit) has a soapy kind of aftertaste. I'm wondering if this might be down to fermentation temperature or something, I'm taking as many precautions ...
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Liquorice taste in my beer

Beer in my secondary fermenter tastes a little like liquorice. Why could this be?
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Stout has acetaminophen (tylenol) aftertaste

TL;DR : My beer has an acetaminophen aftertaste, what could this be ? I brewed an espresso oatmeal Stout 4 months ago. It had a hard time carbonating and has an acrid/bitter (burnt? too much dark ...
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Why does my beer have a separate water aftertaste?

I'm new to the world of homebrewing, having completed 2 batches. Both batches have been 'recipe in a box' kind of beers from Brewer's Best. The first was an Imperial Nut Brown Ale, and the second was ...
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Strange aftertaste in mead?

I've been making mead for a while and there's something I can't quite resolve. Some batches are said to have a strange, solvent-like or "turpentiney" after-taste. Most people don't seem to notice it ...
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What can be used to keep aphids off of hops without ruining the taste of beer?

I planted my first rhizome this year to try my hand at hop growing. To my surprise the plant flourished and was ready to yield at least a half pound of hops. To my great sadness I awoke this morning ...
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