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If/When to move to secondary fermentation

Digression from What's the point of secondary fermentation? What are the good rules of thumb for determining a. whether to use secondary fermentation at all and b. when to move from primary to ...
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What is the secondary fermentation debate?

This question mentions a debate about secondary fermentation. Sort of like the existence of dark matter, everything I have read about homebrewing points to there being some disagreement about ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of transferring to a secondary vs. a long primary?

The conventional wisdom in homebrewing has been challenged in recent years. This wisdom held that a beer should be transferred from the primary fermentation vessel to a secondary one after 7-10 days. ...
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Why is a carboy used for secondary fermentation?

It seems like you could a second bucket for the secondary fermentation. Is there any drawback to not using a carboy for this purpose?
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Post-Secondary Fermentation

I've heard mentions of people using tertiary, quaternary, quinary, etc fermentations. Does this really provide any significant benefit beyond secondary?
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Why (if) should I do secondary fermentation? [duplicate]

I like to kees things simple, and I do not like to clean stuff, so adding secondary fermentation is something that bores me... Should I do it instead? What are the advantages and resons of doing it?
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How to brew strong beers?

I lived in Belgium for 2 years. Once I was in a beer brewing factory, where they said that brewing good beers is a 6 months process. Is it really true? So, how to brew strong beers (~9%)? Like for ...
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Secondary Fermentation for my beer, yes or no?

I've brewed many batches of beer all with the extract method. All Brewers Best kits. I've generally let them sit in primary for one week then secondary for another before kegging. I've always been a ...
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Belgian golden strong

I'm working in my first high gravity beer. Its been in primary for two weeks in the yeast cake. Looking for pointers on when to secondary.. How close to f.g. should I be before I transfer for the rest ...
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Kegging - Is it necessary to filter yeast?

I'm planning to buy kegging equipment and keg my next batch of beer, and I ran into some yeast filters for sale that remove yeast specifically for kegging. Is this a necessary step? I know that when I ...
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Secondary for ciders and wines

Latest consensus seems to indicate that racking to a secondary when making beer in small scale is not recommended anymore. Is racking to a secondary still recommended for making ciders or wines? If ...
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