I have a brew, that I will need to bottle soon. But, how do I calculate, how much sugar to add, before bottling? I'll be adding table-sugar, but I am very worried about exploding bottles.

Are there some rules for calculating? I assume the type of beer you're making, also plays in. In my case, it's german wheat beer.

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Rule of thumb to go by - 1oz sugar per 1gal Beer. That will get you a nice carbonation on most beers. I typically just add 5oz every batch and don't mess with any calculations unless I'm intentionally under-carbonating a stout or something.


Priming sugar amount depends on carbonation level, that is

Total carbonation = CO2 already in beer + CO2 from priming sugar
  • CO2 already in beer depends on the temperature you bottle at
  • CO2 from priming sugar is proportional to amount of sugar used
  • Total carbonation is expressed in volumes (Vol) and depends on beer style.

You can find all this taken care of in online calculator, such as this.

I experienced once a bottle bombing with a wheat beer (I used something like 4Vol ,taht is around 10-12g/l of sugar I guess). It was less dangerous than I thougt, but still potentially dangerous :)


Here is a great online carbonation calculator : http://hbd.org/cgi-bin/recipator/recipator/carbonation.html just type in the desired amount of Co2 and hey presto!

Hope this help you as much as it does for me.

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