I need to find a leak proof glass bottle for some liquid, which I would later put into the refrigerator. And because I tend to put it horizontally, I would prefer to use a leak proof bottle which is cheap and easy to get.

I considered the glass bottle for some juice in store but I do not trust the simple metal screw lid. I don't trust cork too.

I know ikea has the slom bottle but they only come in 1L size, it would be too large. Any idea?


Mason jars are your friend. You can buy them at Wal-Mart by the dozen, they are leak-proof and easy to sanitize. They come in a variety of sizes as well. Mason jars are used to can fruit preserves (among other things) in a completely sterile manner (which is beyond sanitary). Screw-on lids will give you plenty of protection, especially if you steam-pressure sterilize, or use your regular brewing sanitizer!


Have you considered using a plastic screw like the ones that come in soft drink bottles?

Any reason for not trusting the metallic ones? Fear of leaking or corrosion?


Googling gave me this.


Its nice and square so its all stacky and such. Seems nice for a fridge. Not sure if you find it cheap or not however.


I have not used this company, but they seem to have every conceivable bottle ever imagined.


I am assuming that you are in USA.

If you are from South Africa, then go to www.consol.co.za.

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