What are the common phrases, words, abbreviations that are used by home brewers on this site or in conversation?

In the interest of keeping content on this site, rather than linking elsewhere, this is a list of common home brewing terms that may not be English or common usage in English. Inspired by and largely derived from this SO meta post, though I've left off most of the "crowd control" stuff - we can add it back if it's necessary.


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The finished product of home brewing using primarily malted barley, water, hops and yeast. The product does not need to be carbonated to be considered beer, in that case it is "flat beer".


Dry Malt Extract


The process of converting sugars (carbohydrates) to alcohol.


See: Specific Gravity


The female flowers of the plant, Humulus Lupulus. Used for bittering & aroma in most beers.


Light Dry Malt Extract. A powdered, dry extract of a lightly malted barley, such as Pilsener Malt.


Liquid Malt Extract. A liquid, gooey concentrate of malted barley.


Relax; Don't Worry; Have a home brew! An abbreviation usually used to let a poster know that there is nothing to worry about.

Specific Gravity

The ratio of the density of a fluid in relation to another. In brewing terms it is usually used to refer to the dissolved sugar content before & after fermentation (original/starting gravity and final gravity, respectively).


Name given to beer before fermentation has begun.


A commercial supplier of yeast products. Wyeast web site.


A single-celled fungus that ferments wort into beer.

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