I have about 20 litres of wine, that was not stored properly (warm place, some access of air), and is now sour.

Can I make from spoiled wine vinegar of the commercial quality? If so, do I need a "mother culture" or just waiting longer will still produce the same quality?

Similar question, but too detailed for me. I am asking about the feasibility of the idea.


Yes, you can make it with a vinegar mother or leaving it alone, with cheesecloth to keep out the flies. If you want a mother, you can get them a lot of places, even Amazon. Wine Spectator (or all places) has a great blurb on it:

How do you make homemade red wine vinegar? Wine Spectator

If you think it hasn't been hit by bugs carrying acetobacter or another nasty bacteria, you could just put a cheesecloth or handkerchief over the mouth of the container and let it be to see if you get some. My own suggestion is to split the batch up and try a bunch of ways!

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