Anyone have any experience with trying to use a traditional food mill to crush grain? I'm afraid that I won't be able to get as fine of a crush as I need, plus it might be a pain in the neck to mill 10-15 lbs in such a small, non-motorized mill.

Long and short, my wife and I have some $ to spend @ Williams-Sonoma, and was looking for good things to buy that can assist in the 'brewing' element of our cooking life!

This is the one I was looking at: http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/all-clad-food-mill/?pkey=cspecialized-kitchen-tools

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I know I will never hand-crank a mill again :) That said, the type of mill you linked would not be useful for crushing grain. That's a food mill, which is used to squish soft foods through a steel grate.

enter image description here

It would be good for crushing fruits for adding to beer, but not for crushing grain. If that's what you're looking for, you want a grain mill, which has heavy plates or rollers to crack the grain and release the endosperm from the husk.

Many brewers (myself included) started with a hand-cranked Corona or Victoria grain mill.

enter image description here

While that can be motorized (sort of), most of us end up with a motorized roller mill, like the MonsterMill MM-2 I use.

enter image description here

As for Williams-Sonoma, how about a big stainless spoon? Maybe a stainless colander or two? Some containers for storing grain/hops?

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