Typically, when I transfer my wort from the pot to the bucket/carboy for primary fermentation, I like to use a very fine knit mesh reusable grain bag to catch all the hops, and other trub that has collected before I pitch my yeast and set aside for fermentation. This time around, I have a sour cherry ale, and I ended up leaving the cherries in for the primary fermentation. I have a ridiculous amount of trub now from all the cherries, and I'm wondering since I now pitched my yeast if it would be a good idea to filter it through the grain bag again? I fear that by doing so I may trap the yeast in the trub, therefor am a little hesitant to do so before I hear someone speaking from experience saying it's ok to do. Thoughts?

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You won't trap any yeast in the turbo at a rate that's noticeable. The yeast are too small for that. I would however worry about oxygenating the beer if fermentation is already done in primary. A better practice would be to just let it ferment out and then put the whole fermentor in a cold fridge or a water bath with bottles of ice water for a couple days. That will help flocculate out all the yeast and get the trub and cherries to settle. The rack via siphon slowly to your bottling bucket and start bottling.

  • In my experience with cherries, most stayed afloat after cooling. I would also have a big slotted spoon at the ready. Commented Jul 29, 2011 at 14:14
  • +1 - The key word here is oxygenating. Avoid it like the plague!
    – iWeasel
    Commented Jul 30, 2011 at 8:20

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