What quick brews are there? ~ 2 weeks from start to drink...

Should be simple, boozy and tasty. any type of fruits or roots will do! so far have mainly tried a ginger beer, cider and elderflower all with reasonably good results.

now looking for new ideas...

  • I'm not certain that recipe requests are appropriate here.
    – baka
    Jan 5, 2011 at 23:17
  • 3
    its not so much a recipe request, more a question about what can be brewed quickly with good results
    – davivid
    Jan 6, 2011 at 1:01

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Many beers can be brewed this fast. Lower gravity beers and beers that don't need any sort of aging are good bets. Cloning Black Tuesday will take a little longer than 2 weeks.

Adding more yeast during the fermentation will help speed up the process. When I've had to push a beer through quickly in the past, I've added Safale 05 a few days into the fermentation. It doesn't add much flavor past whatever yeast you use originally, and will kick things up a notch.

One thing that will significantly speed up the process is a kegging system. If you force carbonate the beer, you can skip that whole 10 day bottle conditioned part.


Obviously you're going to need to force carb as there is no way bottle conditioning will work in time. I've done an English mild and also a blonde ale both that came out fine after 2 weeks. The blonde was a bit hazy though that cleared up after some time in the keg. Essentially I would say anything you can keep at 4.0% abv or less would be a good candidate. Hefeweizens are great candidates for this treatment since they are better young and are hazy by nature. I'd stay away from IPAs since you'd want a stronger, sweeter beer to hold up to the hops.

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