I made a batch of turbo cider last Sunday (2022/10/02) and it slowly started to ferment over the next three days, peaking at about an inch of foam on top. Please see below for photos.

However I checked today (2022/10/05) and there are no signs of any fermentation (i.e. foam, bubbles in the bin or air lock). My cider was kept in a space with a temperature range of 18C-21C and was undisturbed.

I'm still new to homebrewing and turbo cider so am confused if the fermentation is complete or it's somehow dead. Looking for some insight/guidance please!


  • 3L apple juice
  • 1L pomegranate juice
  • 250g sugar
  • cider yeast
  • yeast nutrient

Photos of the fermentation:

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Thanks to the Facebook group Turbo Ciders For All.

I took a gravity reading and as it's less than 1.000, so can conclude that it has not finished fermenting. I'll check again in 2 days.

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