I have similar recipes for elderflower and elderberry wine, using six kilos of sugar to 23 litres of water. Both have the same additives, yeast, acid mix and nutrient - the elderberry is ready to kill at about 3 weeks, but the elderflower takes about six weeks. Both are the same temperature, I use about 2 ounces of dried flowers and 500g of dried berries.

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The elderberry wine has a good deal more nutrients in it, since it uses the whole berries. You won't get a lot of nutrients from the elderflowers themselves.

Yeast are more than just a way to turn sugar into alcohol and CO2 - they have complex nutritional needs at different stages of their growth. Generally whole fruit can provide everything they need - but the closer you get to simple sugar water, the more the yeast will struggle to perform the chemical reactions needed at different stages of their lifecycle.

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