Low/non alcohol beverages are probably more popular than ever before with most major brands and many craft brewers now selling products in this category.

I know there are ways to make low-ABV beverages quite easily, but what about reducing the alcohol after fermentation? Is this something that a typical home-brewer could achieve or does it require techniques and equipment that are realistically not feasible?


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I'm not sure how you would do that other than heating or boiling the liquid but this is going to substantially change the overall character of the beverage.

Data suggests heating an alcoholic beverage to a certain temperature, and holding it there for a given amount of time, reduces the ABV considerably. It does not entirely remove it however. So, this will get you close but not completely "NA".

It's possible a chemical or enzymatic process exists but again, the beverage will most likely not be the same afterwards.

If you like "hoppy" beverages, Lagunitas makes a super tasty "hop water" which is NA. It's quite good considering it's only fizzy water and hops. Otherwise, a low ABV clone kit is going to be your next best option :)

UPDATE: For anyone interested, I was at the grocery store today and ran across the Lagunitas IPNA. ABV comes in under .5%.

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