I am making my fist batch of Honey Mead. I had followed the "fast mead making" recipe on " Stormthecastle", added the orange and the raisons, the balloon with pinhole first inflated and has now been deflated 2 days. The honey has disappeared and sediment is on the bottom. Total time elapsed has been approximately 6 weeks. ( I made the rookie error of not marking the start date but I know the approximate weekend)

I am now lost! I can't find any next steps and this is my first day on your site... My first post- Please help!

  • Maybe first wait a day or two to see if their website gets up again?
    – chthon
    Oct 7 '21 at 14:54
  • I would also suggest that for the time being you make sure that your fermentation vessel is properly sealed with a cork.
    – chthon
    Oct 7 '21 at 14:57

Fortunately, there is Archive.org to help you. It took a snapshot of the webpage, it can be found here:


Always save your recipes before starting ;-)


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