I've been having luck brewing kombucha this past year and am interested in trying out ginger beer since I have been lead to believe the processes are quite similar (besides the 1 way valve for 1F). Whenever I've brewed kombucha I've stopped 2F after 3-5 days simply by putting the bottles in the fridge. However, I've read a few instructionals on ginger beer that recommend pasteurizing. Is there a difference with a ginger beer bacterial culture (vs a SCOBY for reference) that would cause it to continue fermenting substantially at fridge temperatures?

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    What is 1F and 2F?
    – chthon
    Oct 3 '21 at 18:37
  • First and second fermentation, when brewing kombucha I ferment once (vented) for 1-3 weeks and then again in a pressure safe container for 3-5 days. Apologies I thought 1F/2F was common vernacular across brewing circles.
    – Eric
    Oct 4 '21 at 22:31

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