I started a melomel batch two weeks ago. Below are a list of batch details:

  • 5 gallon batch

  • frozen blueberries (roughly 4-5lbs per gallon)

  • 18.5 lbs of honey (raw, unpasteurized honey from my fathers farm)

  • 10 grams of Red Star Cote De Blanc yeast

  • pitched with 12.5 grams of Go-ferm

  • Staggered yeast nutrient addition (fermaid O)

    • 0 hours : 10.9 grams
    • 24 hours : 10.9 grams
    • 48 hours : 10.9 grams
    • 1/3 sugar break (roughly 96 hours) : 10.9 grams
  • OG: 1.155

Fermentation started really well. In about 16 hours it started burping out of the airlock. I "punched" the cap twice a day for the first week, and do it once every two days now. On a final note, I have a very sanitary procedure.

This is my 3rd mead, and my 2nd melomel. My question is regarding SG's and ABV. My OG started high at 1.155, and hit that 1/3rd sugar break rather quickly. I took a measure of the SG today and it was all the way down to 1.006! Meaning the %ABV is at 18.8! The Tolerance of Red Star Cote De Blanc is rated at 12-14%.

I took these measurements multiple times today to make sure I wasn't making a mistake. So my question really is: Is there something wrong with this batch that would allow it to go to such a low SG? Or is this just a happy little accident that will make this batch much higher %ABV than intended?

I know wild yeast can exist in raw unpasteurized honey so I am wondering if it is possible that is playing a factor.

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