I've finished coldcrashing this cream ale I've been brewing, I took some samples and they tasted great, so I've moved it to an airtight container and added sugar for carbonation. I checked it the next day and these weird tentacle looking things started growing on it. Could this be an infection starting or is it just the yeast doing yeasty things?

Photo Photo

Also, it doesn't seem to have released any CO2 yet, the pressure gague remains at 0.

  • I am afraid you have a contamination. I haven't seen something like this on my beers. What kind of contamination it is I don't know, that is why I only comment on this.
    – chthon
    May 3 at 7:34
  • This just looks like coldbreak to me, although I don't usually see it later in the brew process. If the beer tastes fine I wouldn't worry, probably just some coagulated crud.
    – rob
    May 6 at 12:58

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