I'm a brewing newbie and am looking for some advice.

I created a ginger bug by fermenting fresh grated organic skin-on ginger with cane sugar (equal parts) and water for about a week, feeding daily (I determined it was ready when it was very bubbly/ semi carbonated without stirring).

I then used that to innoculate a carboy, adding 1 cup starter, 1.25 cup cane sugar, 1 gallon of water, 1/2 cup of lemon juice, and 1/3 cup of ginger.

It was sitting at about 18 c for around 10 days with an airlock that had no water in it (like I said, I'm totally a newbie). In that time I read that using a ginger bug I probably won't get much alcohol content, so I purchased some brewers yeast and added about a tablespoon or two and some additional sugar (1/3 cup or less) and more ginger (1/4 cup) and placed the airlock back on (with water in it this time!). It's now been sitting for another week...

here's the question I have -

  1. When is it ready for secondary fermentation? I still see air bubbles popping up, maybe a couple bubbles per minute.
  2. I am about to leave my home for 2 weeks and wanted to put it into secondary fermentation before I do... but if so will it explode in the fridge in the time I'm gone?

any advice is greatly appreciated. Right now it smells nice, and tastes super gingery, spicy with a bit of an apple juice sorta flavour.

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