I don’t have refrigerator space to cold crash my fermentor so I’m cold crashing in the keg. I usually also add gelatin to the keg, crash it to 5 degrees, add gelatin, and leave it for 24 hours before carbing. After the first glass it’s usually pretty clear.

Now I’m planning on getting a fermzilla to ferment under pressure. I’ve seen videos on dry hopping with the fermzilla under pressure and it looks like it disturbs a lot of the trub when you do this. So my concern is that cold crashing in the keg could be less effective as more trub could be transferred from the fermzilla to the keg.

I’m wondering whether I would be best to:

  1. add gelatin along with dry hops and wait for everything to settle in the fermentor at room temp (30 degrees) before transferring Or
  2. introduce a filter when transferring
  3. add gelatin to the keg before transferring under pressure and proceeding to cold crash the carbonated beer

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