I would like to learn how I can make fresh grape juice in autumn and have it in winter. I don't want it to turn into wine, because I will have my kids drink it. And, I want to prepare big amounts, say 15-20 litres, so that they can have a glass every day during winter.

So, what is the way of keeping big amounts of fresh grape juice still fresh months later?

Also, I don't have big space in the flat, nor do I have a cellar etc... I have glass jars with plastic covers which can contain upto 8 litres.

Thanks in advance.

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  • close it if you really need to, but i would rather you not take away my chance to learn from others. – Bilgin Nov 11 '20 at 0:09

My immediate reaction is pasturisation and/or campden tablets/powder.

Pasturisation to kill any organisms living on/in the grapes, and then a touch of campden to stabalise in storage. You would have to ensure your staorgae vessels were clean and sanitised, I would suggest using a no rise sanitiser such as star san for the final clean of the glass jars.

The main problem you have is untreated grape juice if left alone becomes wine.

  • thanks for taking time to answer. i already experienced the "main problem" you mentioned about, so i am starting to lose hope. pasteurisation seems a better and a healthier way, so next i will try that. :) – Bilgin Nov 11 '20 at 0:00

I'd think your options are:

  1. Heat pasteurize and seal in jar (basically canning the juice)
  2. Lots of preservatives (Campden, Citric Acid)
  3. Concentrate & Can(Same as #1 but collapsing the volume first with low heat)
  4. Freeze it all
  5. Make Jam instead :P

I think #1 (or a combination of 1 & 2) is your best option. However- depending on the composition/pulp of your juice- heat may cause some harsher/tannic flavors to get pronounced- so if you do this keep it below boiling, just using pasteurization temps.

  • thank you for taking time to answer. i guess making a jam is what i am going to end up with, because my first attempt already turned into wine. - my kids should never know that ;) – Bilgin Nov 10 '20 at 23:56

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