I have only done ale/lager kits in the past, but wanted to do some experiments with extract brewing and messed up an order(!). I don't have extensive facilities or equipment, so want to work out what best to do to avoid waste without spending another fortune!

I have a 2.5 gallon pot, so am currently planning on using that to do some boils to make up various hop teas (maybe just with water, or with some DME?) and then mix that with LME to make the brew.

I have a load of old 5 gallon buckets - they are supposed to be food safe, but I have plastic bag/liners for them that are - so the fermentation is OK (bottling to be decided :) ).

I don't want to do a 25kg experiment(!) so think I'll do some small batches to experiment before going for broke on the bulk.

I'll need to order hops and yeast for the experiments and then decide what is worth doing in bulk (based on early tastings! - two weeks brewing, two weeks in the bottle).

The real question here... is for advice on the amount of water/DME to make the teas, and the scaling of hops from 5 gallon full/half boil recipes down to 1g (for the experiments) and then from that 1gal back up 5gal with a 1.5gal boil...

If I am going to be a 30% boil on the final brew, should I do a 30% boil on the 1gallon trial?


ps. The beer styles will lean towards basic standards - IPA, English Pale Ale, American Pale Ale.

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