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A SMASH beer is Single Malt And Single Hop, and (from the recipes I've seen) just those - if you mashed with an adjunct like wheat would you still consider that a SMASH so long as there was only one malt in the grain bill?

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    I'd argue that what you propose adheres to the letter of the "law", but not so much the spirit. A compelling defense is definitely built in (i.e. that the adjunct is not malted), but I'm pretty sure most people would tend to expect something with a single grain, and not just a single (literal) malt. But, as Bureaucrat 1.0 said, 'you are technically correct... the best kind of correct' Commented Sep 7, 2020 at 22:59

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Yes, as you said "A SMASH beer is Single Malt And Single Hop". And wheat malt is still a malt. So yes, you can call it a SMASH beer.


I would expect a SMASH beer to have 1 fermentable and 1 hop. I would consider base malt(barley, wheat or rye) + adjunct(any thing not the base malt but fermentable) + hop to be against the ethos of a SMASH beer.

It would then be a SMSAASH beer Single malt, single adjunct and single hop.

You may have just invented a whole new category of craft beers!!

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