I did a five gallon batch of an Irish Red, allowed it to go through primary fermentation for ten days, transferred it to secondary for 7 days, then bottled. The recipe called for 3.64 Oz of priming sugar. I accidentally put in 3.94 because I read the 9 wrong. Should I be concerned about bottle bombs or over-carbonation in regular, 12 oz. amber bottles? The actual volume at time of bottling was 4.8 gallons, not 5 gallons.

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    You don't say that you did anything to ensure that fermentation was complete. Let's hope so. If the only remaining fermentables are the priming sugar, then you are likely to be ok. Depending head retention, you might find it challenging to pour a glass that isn't mostly foam. For my Irish Red recipe, I usually prime with 2.5oz in 5.5 gallons. If I push it to 2.75oz I find the pour to be too foamy. – Rob Jul 31 at 20:49

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