Using an air distiller top table system. I would like no ferment mash and just distill wine off the grocery store shelf. But I need help, with knowing how to make it happen. There’s two videos that are available and both are not good.


I assume you're referring to the Still Spirits Air Still. It's rubbish and will produce a fairly terrible brandy.

However, don't let that dissuade you from giving distillation a go. For the Air Still in particular, fill it up with wine and operate it according to the instruction booklet. You could try to make cuts but it will be very difficult due to the tiny size of the air still and the amount of smearing.

The instructions will probably tell you to carbon filter it - ignore this. The Still Spirits system is designed to make neutral spirits that are flavoured with essences from their Essence range, but for a brandy you want to retain the flavours from the original wine.

Here are some great YouTube channels on home distillation:

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