New here. I've been reading up on transferring from fermenter to keg (or secondary FM) and the associated concerns with introducing oxygen into the beer. IPA styles in particular seem to run the risk of completely loosing their hop profile if any oxygen is introduced. Then there's the whole concept of open fermentation and what's going on with oxidation there but that's probably another discussion in itself.

Other than taste tests, is there any way, (similar to a pH strip maybe?) to test beer for oxidation? I'd like to try some different recipes but it would be nice to know if something I don't like was screwed up by my own doing (dry-hopping/transfer/gawd-dont-secondary) or if the recipe just isn't my style.

  • Taste is really what matters, does it matter if it's objectively oxidised but nobody can detect it? Colour is another, oxidation causes a rusty/brownish shine to the beer.
    – andy
    Jun 24 '20 at 13:00

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