I've was introduced to barleywine this past weekend, and I was interested. So I start googling, and find that Northern Brewer has a kit that comes with carbonation. The barleywine I had was uncarbonated. Most of the recipes that I googled didn't say one way or the other.

Should barleywine be carbonated, or should I bottle it still?

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According to the BJCP, both English and American styles of barleywine should have low to moderate levels of carbonation, depending on age and conditioning.

BJCP Category 19

Of course, it's your beer, drink it you would like, but that's what the style guide says and most if not all commercial examples of barleywine are carbonated.


I've never had a barley wine that was not carbonated. But at the same time if you prefer it uncarbonated, don't carbonate it then. This seems more like a question to be left to personal preference.


Yes it should be carbonated.

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