I have no yeast in the house, but I do have a sourdough starter (for bread). I was wondering if it is possible to use sourdough starter in place of yeast?

Googling just found me lots of bread recipes, and this question is the opposite of this question.

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I'm trying to find the reference, I think it's in a book titled "A Sip Through Time" which is recipes from around the 1500s and on. I thought there was a recipe where they specifically used bread yeast.

I think what I would do would be make a small amount of wort, 1.040 OG, like making a normal beer yeast starter. Cool to happy yeast temperatures, mix a small amount of your sourdough starter and see if it starts fermenting. Do this for a few steps up in wort volume, and see what happens before pitching in your brew.

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    "Spread yeast on both Sides of a Tost", is what I remembered I guess, which according to the author is, To spread your semi-liquid yeast onto a piece of toasted bread, and float it on top of the wort. So not quite what you want, but interesting nonetheless.
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