So I followed a recipe called "hoppy red ale" and I just took a sample after 14 days in the fermenter. I'm a little disappointed that it's not as red as I thought it would be. It's more of a brown / golden yellow. My second confusion is the fact that it tastes very similar to my first recipe, although slightly darker / roasted. So looking at these recipes, why didn't the second one turn out as red and why does it taste so much like the first one?

First recipe (Pale Ale)

  • 1/2lb crystal 20l
  • 1/2lb American 2-row
  • 5.5lbs DME
  • 2oz Centennial hops
  • 2oz Cascade hops
  • US05

Second recipe (Hoppy Red Ale)

  • 1lb CaraVienna 35

  • 1/2lb Crystal 55

  • 1/8lb Roastbar 500

  • 6lbs DME

  • 2oz Centennial hops

  • 1oz Amarillo hops

  • 1oz Amarillo hops (dry hopped)

  • Imperial A07


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