I'm looking into brewing a mead in the near future. I have exactly 0 experience brewing anything. I'm going to buy a store-bought brewing kit in the next few weeks if everything lines up.

I'm wondering if anyone's ever made a Caramel Coffee Mead, and if so do you have a recipe, or any tips on how to make it work. I want at least an 8% ABV, but no more than 16%. I'm looking for it to be a fairly sweet drink.

I'm not sure if this is the right way to ask this question, feel free to delete if this isnt something that fits this stack.


Strange considering the base of a mead is just water and honey that ferments. Often the addition of fruit is in mead Like elderberry is an example

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  • I know that a mead is honey fermenting in water to make alcohol. I'm trying to make a honey based alcohol that has caramel. But I don't want to add store-bought caramel as its going to ferment funny and not work properly. Basically what I want to know is what natural flavoring do I add to make something taste like caramel. – Thatguy 2 days ago

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