I'm producing two wines at the same time; one merlot and one cabernet sauvignon. Both grapes are from Hungary. Currently both wines are in the in the resting phase (total of 6 month, currently in the 5th month). I keep them in 5L carboys. The amount of space between rubber cork and wine is minimal - about 0.5 cm.

For the 3rd time already the cab is developing some sort of bacteria, it smells like yeast/glue (slight high in tone/smell).

What I have done to "solve" the problem is adding sulfite/campden, 0.1 gram/L, hoping it would disappear (suggestion made by winemaker). It did return but the amount is less.

I've attached some images hoping someone has experience with this and can tell me what it is (so i can investigate more).

Kind regards, Sidney

unknown bacteria amount of space between rubber cork and wine

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