I have a beer tower whose lines need replacing.

But, I am having great trouble actually pulling the old lines out of the tower. They seem to be attached to some metal disks, which I can neither pull back through the tower, nor push through past the point where the faucets are attached. I can wiggle them around, but I can not actually dislodge them. The lines are stuck, dangling from the main body of the tower.

partially disassembled beer tower

Is there a trick to pulling the lines out of a tap like this?

The tower is a few years old, originally from Krome Dispense. Fully assembled, the tower looks like this.


You need to buy a special tool that goes into those two half circles. I don't see it in the tool list on pg 82/83 of the PDF that Eirikr posted. I'd call KromeDispense and ask them. OR email customer service with the tower part# if to you have it. I am sure they'd help.

If you are handy or have a friend that does metal work they could probably make a tool that would work for you. Splitting some metal rod and shaping two tips with the right distance.

  • Maybe get a flathead screwdriver and file down the center, leaving two prongs? – Eiríkr Útlendi Sep 13 at 17:32

I don't have any direct knowledge, but you might find something useful by perusing the product list:

For instance, page 61 has pictures of a few different line configurations, which might help you figure out what's going on with yours.

Another option beyond reading is to chat with a company representative. In the course of poking around, I happened upon Krome's Knowledge Base page, where a chat window appears in the lower right. I suspect they could help you.

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