I made a batch of ginger beer and brewing it hard at 5 and a half gallons. The fault came when I accidentally added a half-gallon of water with One Step in it to the batch before fermenting. It was originally a 1 gallon before I cleaned all my stuff,

I totally forgot I had it in it. Should I be concerned?

It doesn't seem to be stopping the fermentation and it is going very well. To add, before I added the half I filled it the rest of the way making it a gallon, not realizing what I had done.

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So I just looked up the SDS sheet on it, and the ECOCleansers website.


It seems that the principle sanitizing function is to create hydrogen peroxide, and the minerals left behind are typical levels found in many tap waters.

I don’t want to say yes it’s safe, but there is your basic information about the product.


Here is the FAQ for One Step

As answered by @Escoce, once it is used it should be safe.

Hydrogen peroxide will decompose into water and oxygen. Maybe your ginger beer yeast gets a boost from the extra oxygen.

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