I found the following recipe on Brewers Friend:

This is a traditional all grain recipe and I would like to brew it with my BIAB setup.
But I'm having trouble understanding/converting the mash steps described on the recipe, which are the following:
Amount Description Type Temp Time
-- Infusion 53 °C 20 min
-- Infusion 65 °C 30 min
-- Temperature 70 °C 30 min
-- Fly Sparge 76 °C 15 min

The Infusion and Sparge steps are quite clear,
But I don't understand what the temperature step means.
What is this step and how does it look in a biab setup?

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BrewTarget has the same properties for mashing, including infusion and sparge.

In BrewTarget, it means that the temperature is increased by applying external heating.

For BIAB and using a mash setup with a cooler, this is not always feasible, unless an external heat stick is used.

When using a kettle on a direct heat source, it is simpler to increase the temperature of the mash directly.

It could be that the temperature step is just a typo or misconfiguration.


As indicated by @chthon, it looks like they intend for you to provide external heat to meet the 70 C temperature, not by adding more hot water but by turning on a burner or heat stick.

It is debatable whether these extra steps have much benefit versus an infusion in between, let's say 67 C, for 30+30=60 minutes instead of dividing it up at 30 & 30. But, of course, feel free to experiment and form your own conclusions.


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