I added my ginger bug to my Ginger Brew. It's now been 5 days with no visible signs of carbonation. Should I Add more ginger bug to my Brew?

  • The Ginger Brew is in bottles right? Or a Fermenter? What did you put in your Brew? – Kingsley Oct 23 '18 at 4:20

Assuming you bottled the bug + ginger sugar-water - It's best to wait. At least for 2 weeks, then re-evaluate.

Are the bottles warm ? More than 15C / 59F ? Ale yeast (and bread making yeast) will go dormant if it's too cold.

It could be there's only a small amount of yeast in each bottle, and it's taking time to establish itself. It may help to gently agitate the bottles to rouse the yeast.

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