I'm planning on brewing a dead pony club clone, however I don't want to do the full 25L I'd rather do 10L or half it. So if I just half everything on the recipe e.g instead of 2.79kg of pale malt I used 1.4kg and so on with the rest of the malts, hops and yeast.

Would this be the right way to go about halving it?
Thanks in advance!

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Yes you can do that. I'm a newbie too and have been doing this myself, because I can only boil enough for a 10L brew. A couple of bits of advice I would offer are firstly that the dried yeast packs have enough yeast to do 20+ L, so you'll end up with lots of half packets, which keep ok in a ziplock bag the fridge, and secondly don't push the envelope with regards to the available space in your fermentation vessel - leave yourself a bit of head space otherwise any kind of vigorous fermentation will result in yeasty beer bubbling up out of the airlock and going everywhere.


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