I want to figure out how to make my own soju. It seems easy enough, rice, nuruk and yeast.

The one thing I havent figured out is what yeast strain soju is made with and if it is commercially available.

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This article from the IBD journal should help you get started on your hunt: Influence of yeast strains on the physicochemical characteristics, methanol and acetaldehyde profiles and volatile compounds for Korean rice distilled spirit

Here is the list of Yeasts tested in the paper:

  • Lalvin Clos Dry yeast
  • Lalvin Clos Dry yeast
  • Lalvin Cy079 Dry yeast
  • Lalvin DV10 Dry yeast
  • Lalvin EC1118 Dry yeast
  • Lalvin ICV D254 Dry yeast
  • Lalvin D47 Dry yeast
  • Lalvin R-HST Dry yeast
  • Uvaferm BDX Dry yeast
  • 4347 Liquid yeast
  • La Parisienne Dry yeast

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