Can a wine's pH be adjusted after fermentation?

I brewed a blueberry wine and it came out horrible. The red yeast was dead, so to salvage the must I pitched champagne yeast. That was the first problem. Secondly, the wine's ph level was too high, resulting in a humiliating weak tasting wine.

If possible, I'd like to increase the acidity of the wine in the hope of making it a little more pleasant to drink... Or should I scrap the entire batch?

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You can add lactic as EZ suggests: or you can add a little citric, malic acid blended together, for a more fruity acid flavour.

Once your pH is corrected you may still fine the wine a bit thin on mouthfeel. If the is the case you can also add some black tea to the wine, allow 3 or 4 bags to stew in 500ml for 4 hours, then you can dose the wine with this. The tannins extracted from the tea help body up weak bodied coutry wines.


You can add lactic acid to lower the pH.

Test on a small scalable volume to taste. Then do the correct dose on the batch.

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