This is maybe a silly question, but when you look around on the internet you see recipes mentioning Fuggle hops or Fuggles hops. I suppose there is only one "correct" spelling, so is it Fuggle or Fuggles?


Searching around, you mostly find a reference to Fuggle. It's named after Richard Fuggle. I suppose that people who write Fuggles, really should write Fuggle's as in Fuggle's hops, like Cox's Orange Pippin.

Btw. Fuggles is also called Styrian Goldings (Fuggle).

  • +1 Learn something every day re. Styrian Goldings! I'd gathered it wasn't really a close English Goldings relative, but didn't realise it was just Fuggles by a different name. – winwaed Oct 2 '17 at 14:48

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