What beer styles tend to work well with a warm (at least 70°F/21°C, possibly up to 90°F/32°C) fermentation environment? In other words, what styles will be best to mask or work with the off-flavors produced?


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For most people brewing a Saison is a great summer compatible beer to brew. The saison yeast works best at 80F (or 27C). And the flavor of saison is often citrusy and light. You can brew a saison to a variety of OGs for different levels of enjoyment. You can make a session style saison or a bigger version to pair well with food.

Check out this BJCP link to Saison.


If you can lay your hands on a Kveik strain, you can make a Norwegian farmhouse ale. Kveik yeast ferments in temperatures up to even 40°C with comparatively little off aromas.

A Saison strain will feel alright in a slightly lower temperature spectrum, up to 30°C, maybe slightly over.


You can brew a saission as suggested by other users, but with HotHead from Omega labs you can brew clean flavoured sytles up to far higher temps:

I advise looking at HotHead from Omega Labs: http://www.omegayeast.com/portfolio/14158-2/

  • Flocculation: Medium-High
  • Attenuation: 75-85%
  • Temperature Range: 62-98° F (16-37° C)
  • Alcohol Tolerance: 11% ABV

It is a really interesting yeast, for higher temp brewing and stops you having to only brew Saissions or Belgium styles in the hight of summer. I believe HotHead is Norwegian kveik strain.

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