I had some bad luck the other day and half way through my boil a small but significant amount of water fell in my brew from my extractor fan. I haven't given the extractor a good clean in a while and since I was in the boil stage I am not concerned about contamination, I am aware however there is probably a significant amount of grease up there that could have mixed with the water before dripping back into the kettle.

I finished up the batch anyway and its been fermenting happily a few days. What detrimental affects might be on the cards for my brew? a friend tells me fat certainly isn't a brewers friend.

  • If you were boiling hops in the kettle when this happened then any oils/fats/molten grease would tend to stick to the hop leaves or the side of the kettle. I don't think much would remain in the wort to be transferred to the brew bin. Commented Jul 18, 2017 at 8:36

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The worst that could happen is that it would affect head formation and retention. But you might be OK. No big deal.


That grease in extraction fan is from volatile food grease / oils. In my experience these are not water soluable. The condensation that fell back in was most likely just water.

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