I have a couple plants going, but I am ready to get more of the same varieties going in the future. How do I go about getting more plants from the same plants I already have?
Can I take a cutting?
Can I just bury a fresh bine out to the side?
Do I dig up and chop up the rhizome at the end of the season?

Help me get my hop yard going!

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I googled around a bit and came up with this:

At the end of the season healthy bottom vines can be buried for the propagation of new plants the next spring. Simply bury the vines in a shallow trench and mark their location. In spring dig them up and cut them into pieces about 4 inches long. Make sure each new cutting has an eye or bud.

It sounds easy enough...

Found at homebrewtalk


You can bury bines at the end of the season - a couple inches deep. You mention these are established hop plants so if you cut a circle around the bines - say 12 inch radius, 2 or three inches deep and pull up the rhizomes on the outside of that circle, cut them in 4 to 6 inch sections and plant the hop rhizomes where you want to expand your hops, that is the best way. The rhizomes will be just under the soil and possibly on top running out from the crown.

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