I have several food allergies and a big one is malt. Because I thirst for a good beer once in a while and the difficulty of finding beer I can drink, I am entertaining the idea of brewing my own beer. What are some of the best online resources and/or books on getting started?


This site, for one. As you learn more, you'll have more questions. Be sure to ask us.

The term you're going to want to search for is gluten free or sorghum. Those are the ingredients I'm guessing you're looking for.

HomebrewTalk.com is a great resource for all things brewing.

Brew Your Own magazine has some articles about gluten free brewing.

Bard's Tale Brewing makes gluten free beer. They can be a good resource as well.

And of course, your local homebrew shop, depending on where you are, should have some excellent resources both in paper and brain form.

I did a little research on this on my own, and it was hard to find very much out there. Please share what you find!


There are a vast array of gluten free beers you can make with alternative fermentable resources, like quinoa, buckwheat, sorghum, rice and maize. This sounds like a really fun project. I recommend looking into African opaque beers. Nigeria had a restriction on the importation of barley in 1986 and many brewers were forced to utilise sorghum. There might be some good recipe suggestions from that debacle, and I know opaque beer remains popular in South Africa. If you are thirsty now or want something to sip on while making your homebrew I can recommend RedBridge. It is a sorghum beer brewed by Anheuser-Busch. Have fun and best of luck!

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