I'm wondering if there's any way to kill the preservatives in store bought juice. I was thinking about boiling it at high temperature for like 5 minutes, but not sure if it'll work. If anybody has a solution, I'd sure love to hear it ! A friend of mine makes mash out of store bought juice, but won't tell me how he does it to kill off the preservatives. "TRADE SECRET", he says.......


Some pasteurised juices don't contain preservatives. In Europe for example the budget supermarkets ALDI and LIDL stock pasteurised apple and grape juice that is not from concentrate and contains no preservatives. They ferment very well.

Sulphites, sorbates and benzoates and similar preservatives generally interfere with yeast growth. So fruit juices that contain these preservatives can be fermented by the addition of fully active and concentrated yeast cultures. The yeast does not need to "grow" just ferment - so introducing all the live yeast needed in one go will usually work. Its not ideal but it does work.

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