I recently bought a length of hose for connecting my regulator to my quick disconnects. The hose fits snug on the regulator barb but is very loose on the quick disconnect barb.

Here is the hose - 5/16" / 8mm ID.

And my disconnect.

I wanted to replace the current quick disconnect barb with a larger 5/16" one but I can't seem to find any Irish / UK / EU suppliers.

Are these what I'm looking for?

5/16" Swivel Nut Set for MFL 1/4"


Female Flare FFL Stainless Swivel Nut 1/4 to 5/16 Barb

I don't know anything about the thread sizes on the disconnect. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Yes. They both look like they will work. I've never seen an MFL quick disconnect that isn't 1/4". I would opt for the one that states that the nut is chrome plated brass. Some FFL are 100% stainless steel, but they then need a washer to seal and that can be problematic.

If you can't buy the FFL locally an option is to use 1/4" hose and soak the end in boiling water before you push it onto the regulator barb. It's surprising you much hot vinyl hose will stretch.

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