I've just done a 5 liter all grain brew. The Original specific gravity is supposed to be 1050, but its 1020. What have I done wrong, and will the brew be OK.

I thought that I had the grains properly crushed but maybe not, I'm using my homemade pasta machine mill I had the temperature as per the recipe @ 76.5 Deg C for 45 min 3 liters BIAB, with a 4 liter BIAB sparge @ 71 deg. C, it was a red ale, and I had to top up with a little water during the boil.

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    Your question is very very broad. Please post the recipe and some notes on your process/equipment including mash method, sparge method and some notes on volume etc etc.
    – brewchez
    Jul 14 '16 at 10:55
  • 2 row...680.5 g
    – Marty
    Jul 14 '16 at 23:29
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    Please edit your question, rather than scattering the information needed to answer it properly throughout the comments section.
    – Mr_road
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Sounds like you didn't get much saccarification (sugars coverted from starch) in the mash.


1: poor crush on the grain

2: low diastatic power

3: high water grist ratio

4: mash not long enough

Edit: just did the C/F conversions. At 169.7°F your mash was too hot and you denatured your enzymes, causing low diastatic power and giving little saccarification. If you still have the grist you can correct the temp to 154°ish and add enzymes to remash. Adding a couple pounds of 6-row should boost the diastatic power to get 1.050 out of a second mash.

Your comments give the water volumes but not the grains. Your gravity of 1.020 would be from less than 2lb of 2-row with proper saccarification.


One other possibility...did you do a partial boil and top off in the fermenter?



1- Did you properly crash the grains? 2- What was the temperature when mashing?


GrainWater mixture must stay between 63-68 C for 1 hour. For Bag method same applies. 73 C strike water is required. Perhaps 76.5 C is too high to release enzymes. Perhaps you added too much water. And perhaps 45 minutes should be 1 hour.

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    You should probably edit the question and the answer, respectively, instead of just commenting.
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